My heart has been stirred toward fasting for several years.  I have tried to do it and failed more times than I care to recount.  I think my focus was always on not eating rather than drawing nearer to God in the time of fasting.  Surely that is why my inner-glutton always won the tug of war with the spirit-man!


Fasting is something that God uses at times in people’s lives.  It is not a necessary spiritual discipline, such as acts of compassion and prayer, but it has a place in God’s economy for Spiritual growth.  My former professor at Liberty University, Dr. Elmer Towns, records this in his valuable book Fasting For Spiritual Break Through, in a section titled “Get in Touch with the Symbolic.”

Not Eating.  When Israel came to Mizpah, “On that same day they went without eating to show their sorrow, and they confessed they had been unfaithful to the Lord.” (1 Sam. 7:6 CEV)  Their heartfelt sorrow was evident because they afflicted themselves through fasting.  We, too, must demonstrate to God our heart attitude.” (Regal Books, 1996, p.73)

As I have recently taking the servants reigns of a Church in transition from one season to another, I realize that if I am to lead a Church into a bold season of growth then I must take a bold step of faith as well.  I desire strongly for God to move in this place among these people.  I hunger for a move of the Spirit in this fellowship of believers and in our community, in our families, and in our homes.

For some reason, I have been particularly stirred in my need to seek God increasingly.  Only God can bring the kind of power that is needed for revival.  Perhaps it is because of awesome a future it seems that God has in store for Cypress Chapel.  Perhaps it is because of how powerful a legacy God has given to these people in this place. 

Whatever the case, I am learning a great deal from increasingly extended juice only fasts.  For the next few weeks, I’ll chronicle some of those captured insights here at the Pilgrim Pastor Blog:

I never realized how often food is available!  When taking my little daughter out of her car seat yesterday, one of the goldfish crackers she had been eating fell into my hand. Without thinking I popped it in my mouth, realized that I was doing it, and spit it out! It’s everywhere.  On television, on signs, in my daughters car seat!  

While 2/3 of the world population lives well below our minimum standard, my daughter snacks on nutritious and abundant food during a short drive to an overstocked warehouse store, seated in a comfortable seat, riding in a safe vehicle. 

Lord free us from the tyranny of our comfort so that we can identify with the poorest of poor rather than only celebrating, more often taking for granted, the blessings you have given us to share, not to hoard.

Pilgrim Pastor… trying to remember – learn – what it is like to do without and really need.